Lyme Public Library

Lyme, CT

The Lyme Public Library features a large, sunny children’s library furnished with V/S “Lite” tables, “PantoSwing-LuPo” chairs, “Hokki” stools, and “Quattro-Teach” librarian’s desk. Their new computers sit on Agati Elements series computer tables, while custom Paladin shelving end-panels enclose metal shelving units.

In the reading room, patrons can enjoy selections from the library’s collection in a living room-like environment, furnished with Integra “Flair” lounge chairs and sofas and Agati “Calloway” study tables and “Ella” ladderback chairs.  Flanking the fireplace are wood periodical shelving units from Paladin.  Coffee can be found at the custom counter by Paladin.

The main library is furnished with Agati “Calloway” computer and reading tables with “Ella” ladderback chairs.  Mobile “bookstore” type shelving by Paladin house the library’s collection of audio books paperbacks.  Additional cantilever metal shelving from Borroughs was added to accommodate the growing number of volumes and custom Paladin shelving end panels provide a finished look. The conference and Archive rooms utilize Versteel flip-top tables and chairs on casters for ease of reconfiguration.


Tuthill & Wells

Interior Designer:
Janis Newell, JNI Design

New Construction


  • Lite tables
  • PantoSwing-LuPo chairs
  • Hokki stools
  • Quattro-Teach desks


  • Elements computer tables
  • Calloway study tables
  • Ella ladder-back chairs


  • Flair lounge chairs and sofas


  • Custom coffee counter, shelving end-panels, and book browsers
  • Mobile book display shelving


  • Cantilever metal shelving


  • Flip-top mobile tables