The Morgan School

Clinton, CT

The interiors of The Morgan School are designed with an emphasis on 21st Century methods of learning and teaching. RHL collaborated with Newman Architects to select classroom furniture with the flexibility to support collaborative, as well as individual learning. V/S Shift+ Fusion tables are quickly and easily reconfigured to accommodate classroom activities. The V/S panto Swing chairs are light, sturdy, and flex just enough to be comfortable for active students.

RHL’s ability to outfit an educational facility doesn’t stop with the classroom. At The Morgan School, we also worked with the designers to specify and install the bleachers and fixed athletic equipment in the gym, the fixed seating for the auditorium, and the furniture for the administrative offices.


Newman Architects

General Contractor:
FIP Construction, Inc.

Furniture and Architectural Products for new high school

Newman Architects


  • PantoSwing seating
  • Shift+ Fusion (Flip) tables


  • Office furniture


Hussey Seating

  • Maxam series telescopic gym seating
  • Quattro Designer series auditorium seating

Porter Athletic

  • Basketball backboards
  • Divider curtain
  • Mat movers


  • Basketball, volleyball and wrestling scoreboard