Walker Headliner Reversible Boards


Product Description

FORBO®Cork Linoleum

The most durable bulletin boardavailable. Resilient tackable 1⁄4″surfaceconstructed of natural materials and iswashable. Self-heals and does not crack,dry, peel or crumble. Tacks insert easilyand are gripped firmly. Available in12 decorator colors.

The Best Aluminum and Wood Stands

Heavy duty, rugged stands. Our aluminumis 50% thicker than many of our competitors’. Rubber-wheeled casters won’t shatter when rolled over expansion joints and rough surfaces. 2 locking and 2 non-locking heavy duty casters included.

Headliner Reversible Boards

  • Finest Porcelain White-Rite, PorcelainChalk and FORBO® Cork Linoleum Boardsall on wheels for convenient mobility
  • Flip side doubles display space
  • Choice of materials for both sides
  • Standard markerboard is 6100H white
  • Standard porcelain chalkboard colorsare 6500U green and 6502U slate grey
  • Heavy duty stands insure proper rigidityunder rigorous use
  • Metal locks hold board firmly in position
  • 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters included
  • Standard wood frame is heavy dutywhite oak with oil finish
  • Aluminum frame most durable –lastsa lifetime
  • Overall height with casters 72″ and 78″
  • White-Rite Boards come with 4 colormarkers and eraser


  • Markerboard: white 6100H is standard
  • FORBO®cork
  • Available on special order: any combination ofchalkboards, FORBO®cork, vinyl tackboards, and White-Rite boards
  • Custom stains
  • Additional porcelain color surfaces available

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Colors & Finishes

Contact us for a complete list of color and finish variations.