Shift +

VS Shift+ Transfer


Shift+ is about providing a unique set of tools, enabling the end users to create their own environments. Responding to a multitude of teaching and learning styles simultaneously. Fulfilling the needs of the specific occupants of the space at a precise point in time. Shift+ is not about reinventing the classroom, it is about blending historic education values and strategies with newly demonstrated pedagogy in the 21st century landscape. There are many options in the Shift + line including, Shift+ Tables, Shift+ Landscape, Shift+ Transfer, along with any of the V/S chairs including the Hokki Stool, PantoSwing-LuPo etc.

Product Description

Mobile storage modules (Straight/Curved/Box)
The mobile storage modules are available in two heights. They can be integrated into
various combinations and together with the seat modules creating separated group areas.
The modules can also be equipped to accommodate storage boxes. Connecting magnets on
each side secure multiple modules together – and thus more flexible configuration.

To download a brochure of the entire Shift+ line, please click here: Shift + Product Sheet

Call your local RHL representative to assist with designing a complete V/S Shift + system to meet your needs.