Porter High School Competition Discus Cages


Product Description

These discus cages are NFHS compliant and designed to the 34.92° throwing sector configuration. All come with main net constructed of #504, weather-treated nylon with a breaking strength of 180lb.

The traditional six pole layout of the 8010 and 8030 incorporate 14’ tall rolled offset poles that are available in aluminum or steel. Flip arms secure the 14’ by 56’ net at the front two poles with ground stakes used at the back poles.

The 8020 and 8021 aluminum pole cages incorporate seven 14’ tall rolled aluminum offset poles. This design allows the net to extend straight forward from the sides to comply with the 34.92° sector requirements while providing a less “restrictive” feeling for throwers. Flip arms secure the 14’ by 68’ net at the front two poles. The 8021 cage incorporates a main net with a rear-entry system. This feature speeds up competition and practice times without compromising safety.


Additional Information

Model Number

8010, 8020, 80201A, 80202A, 8021, 8030, 80302, M2055

Colors & Finishes

Contact us for a complete list of color and finish variations.