Hussey Quattro Performance Series


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Product Description


Discover seating as versatile as it is durable, attractive and safe. Sports arenas, entertainment venues, or educational facilities – the Quattro Performance Series is comfortable in any setting. This affordable seating is designed for performance with an eye for beauty and style. And because Quattro Performance Series seats are interchangeable with other Quattro products, they’re easy to upgrade or mix and match. You can easily create tiered seating that goes from polymer to plush, while maintaining a singular aesthetic style.

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Performance Series Polymer. Quattro Performance Series Polymer seats are fashioned in school-proof polymer with style that adds a touch of class to auditoriums. Each part is easy to replace, and the seats are easy to upgrade with shared Quattro components.

Performance Series Plyform. Blending classic plywood design with advanced Hussey performance and safety, the Quattro Performance Series Plyform stands up to the rigors of your school environment. The seats and backs are made from 11- ply cross-banded plywood. Flat-sided traditional oval steel stanchions add strength as well as style. Plus, our signature seat back design extends below the seat to keep toes from getting pinched.

Additional Information


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