Hussey Perma-Cap Vinyl Bleacher Covers


Product Description

Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers are your most cost-effective way to protect your bleachers, and your fans. A durable, maintenance-free vinyl bleacher cover that fits over your existing wood or aluminum bleachers, Hussey Seating Perma-Cap bleacher covers are a cost-effective upgrade for indoor or outdoor grandstands or indoor telescopic bleacher seating. Game after game, season after season, year after year, Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers play strong defense against tough weather and exuberant fans, while seating your audience in comfort.

Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers are a great way to protect or extend your investment in your bleachers. Our skid resistant, non-reflective, UV resistant and splinter-proof outdoor vinyl bleacher covers fit over fit over 2×8″, 2×10″ and 2×12″ bleacher boards, while indoor vinyl bleacher covers are available in 16’, 18’ and 20’ lengths.

Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers never need painting, but always show their true colors. Ask your local Hussey seating expert about our wide range of vinyl colors, and the bleacher joint covers, bleacher end caps and Perma-Cap mounting brackets available to complete your bleacher cover installation.


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Additional Information

Colors & Finishes

Contact us for a complete list of color and finish variations.