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Big-league performance when the pressure is on – MXP™ Telescopic Platform from Hussey Seating Company

For multipurpose event centers like professional arenas, convention centers, and community event centers, you need maximum performance and reliability, ease of setup and operation, and the premium seating experience your customers demand. MXP™ Telescopic Seating Platform with Quattro fully upholstered folding seats or upholstered or polymer Metro™ chairs let you get the most out of your facility. MXP™ seating solutions allow you to recover events center floor space or seat an overflow crowd in style and comfort.

Building on the heritage of our proven MX vertical frame construction, MXP Telescopic Platform seating delivers owners and operators a premium spectator seating solution. With up to 36” row spacing with either fold-down or nose mount Quattro upholstered seats will create a premium seating area your customers will love – and pay for. And our attention to the operational details – steerable power, quick release rails, adjustable cantilevers and redundant portability solutions – MXP will ensure the most cost effective facility changeover possible.

Accommodating up to a 36” (914mm) premium seat back, your patrons will love the look and feel of MXP. With deeper row spacing, more legroom and our premium upholstered chair options, telescopic seating has never been more comfortable. Plus, our new chair mounting system delivers the most stable, solid telescopic seating experience available today – one with the feel of a fixed auditorium chair and the flexibility of a telescopic platform seating solution.

Setup and changeover is fast and easy with a single operator by simply unlocking our Quattro forward-fold upholstered chair rows and raising or lowering up to 14 seats at a time. Gas struts on each seat provide a more controlled and safe setup and changeover. Our Quattro nose-mount chairs can be raised and lowered in pairs, with the armrest locking into place providing an exceptionally solid, stable seat. Our Metro seats can be configured for true semi-automatic operation of up to 14 chairs at once. The chairs automatically lower as the system is closed and when opened, the operator provides a manual assist to lock the chairs into place. And for ultimate seating flexibility, choose from our ultra-plush line of Clarin by Hussey Seating portable folding chairs.

And you can rest easy knowing that whatever seating configuration you choose, MXP’s design and Hussey’s commitment to quality deliver the safest telescopic platform in the industry, all backed by an industry-best 5-year warranty. To learn more, ask your local Hussey seating expert about your telescopic platform seating options today.

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