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Maximize Indoor Audience Seating and Gymnasium Floor Space in Your Gym with MAXAM Bleachers from Hussey Seating Company

For multipurpose indoor athletic venues like high school gyms, college gymnasiums and community center gyms, you need maximum flexibility, reliability and value. You need Hussey Seating Company MAXAM retractable telescopic bleachers. Hussey Seating’s most popular telescopic bleacher and retractable gym seating solution, MAXAM gym seats can be configured to fit any indoor gymnasium. MAXAM telescopic bleachers attach to your indoor gymnasium wall in three to 30-tier banks, and let you quickly and easily create custom bleacher seats for every event.

First and foremost, telescopic bleachers need to be safe and reliable. Thanks to wireless or pendant power control, MAXAM telescopic seats provide an all-encompassing view: see the entire seating bank as you open and retract the bleachers, so you can respond to unforeseen issues quickly. All MAXAM retractable gymnasium seating solutions are locked and braced by carefully designed, rigorously tested seating supports and safety mechanisms that secure bleacher walking and seating surfaces. And like all Hussey Seating solutions, MAXAM seats are backed by the Hussey Seating limited lifetime warranty—the best in the bleacher seating business.

Telescopic bleachers need to be flexible. Our secret? MAXAM Flex-Row. Your indoor gymnasium needs to adapt to many seating requirements—and many seating regulations. Flex-Row’s numerous lock-in bleacher seating layouts keep your indoor gymnasium accessible and in ADA compliance. The MAXAM Flex-Row bleacher seats your press box and scorers, too. Need just one row of bleachers for a team practice in your gym? MAXAM Flex-Row is fully operational, even if only one row of gymnasium bleachers is extended.

Need even more options for your indoor gymnasium? For indoor balcony seating applications, MAXAM Reverse-Foldtelescopic seating and Reverse-Fold Delayed Action gymnasium bleachers retract from back to front, giving you extra space behind the unit. Portable, freestanding retractable bleacher seating units are also available. MAXAM telescopic bleachers can even close into recessed banks of bleachers—ideal for fitting more bleacher seats under balconies or mezzanines.

Telescopic bleachers can also be comfortable bleachers. Step up your indoor bleacher seating with Hussey Seating backrests and seat spacers like our Courtside XCS12, the world’s only ergonomically designed gym seat module. Hussey Seating also offers gymnasium bleacher Media Platforms and an upholstered Metro Chair that can seat local press or create exclusive, revenue-enhancing seating sections.

And finally, telescopic bleachers should be spirited bleachers. MAXAM telescopic gym bleachers stand behind your gymnasium’s team with proud, bold indoor logo and color displays on seats, seating end curtains and more. Need a logo for your retractable gymnasium seating? Ask your local Hussey seating expert about our Signature Logo program.

Endlessly configurable and easily upgradeable, MAXAM telescopic bleacher seats let you reclaim the most indoor gymnasium floor space and make the most of your gym’s seating budget. To learn more, ask your local Hussey seating expert about your indoor gymnasium seating options today.

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