Hussey Clarin Beam, Pedestal & Jury Seating


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Product Description

Available in straight and curved configurations, our Beam mounted seating is a great way to maximize space utilization and seating capacity in classrooms and lecture halls.

Our Single-Pedestal fixed seating mounts each seat individually to the tread or riser for advanced functional space planning.

Rotating up to 360 degrees, Jury seating offers freedom of motion for spaces that require attention in multiple areas of a room, such as a courtroom.

Explore the option of customized seating, contact us for a quote.

Customization Options

  • Functional Tablet Arms – There’s a tablet arm for every need, including 4 styles (revolvo, flipup, flip-down and fixed) and 3 sizes (standard, oversized and laptop).

Additional Information


Contact us for a complete list of color variations.