GT Grandstands


Product Description

Our permanent grandstands are custom built to your requirements and site considerations, including your desired seating capacity, spectator flow, available space, sightlines, and all applicable building codes. Our designs have been used by racetracks, college campuses, baseball stadiums, and other spectator seating areas nationwide.

Explore a variety of options below to customize your grandstand with, then contact us for a quote.

 Seat Options 

  • Back rests provide a more comfortable seating area for spectactors.
  • Powder coated finishes allow the grandstands to coordinate with team colors.
  • Fixed stadium chairs with self-rising seat bottoms allow for additional spacing between rows when seats are not in use. These chairs also facilitate easy cleaning, and eliminates standing water in seats.
  • Our uniquely-shaped contoured bench seating provides added comfort to spectactors.
  • Fixed chairs can add a touch of color to your grandstand. These chairs can also be customized with donor plates for individual and coprorate sponsors who donate to your oganization.
  • Radius Edge Seating is available.

Decking System Options. All GT Grandstands decking options consist of aluminum extrusions that naturally protect from corrosion. All feature customizable rise and tread dimensioins to meet sighline requirements. Walking surfaces are available in both standard mill finish and optional non-slip abraded finish. These decks feature a high strength to weight ratio 6061-T6 alloy.

Understructure Design Options. Permanent grandstands are custom built to your requirements and site considerations:

  • Desired Seating Capacity
  • Spectator Flow
  • Space Available
  • Sightlines
  • Applicable Building Codes


  • Clear Span I-Beam Structures
  • Most flexible design option
  • Easily adapted to hillsides and uneven terrain
  • Wide Flange steel shape fabrication
  • Hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication for better corrosion protection
  • Anchored to concrete foundation during installation

Angle Frame Structures

  • Best for level sites
  • Can be attached to either a concrete foundation or installed with earth anchors
  • Available with galvanized steel or aluminum angle frame

Additional Grandstand Design Options

  • Create an inclusive environment for all spectators by adding ramps to your grandstand design.
  • Mitered layouts enable grandstands to be integrated into spaces of all shapes and sizes.
  • Enclose the grandstand with vertical picket guardrails to add a bit of luxury to your grandstand.
  • Integrate rear exiting to your grandstand to allow for multiple exit point after events come to a close.
  • Enclose the underside of your grandstand and utilize the space for storage for field maintenance or team equipment.