The Academy of Music – Northampton, MA

The Robert H. Lord Company is proud to have been a member of the project team for the award-winning renovation of The Academy of Music in Northampton, MA. In May of 2015, The Academy was honored to receive the Massachusetts Historical Commission 2015 Preservation Award, presented for Rehabilitation and Restoration. The 800 Hussey Quattro fixed seats furnished and installed by RHL contributed to renovations that brought the theater back to life. Theater lovers will be able to enjoy the Academy’s productions in comfort and style! This renovation was overall amazing, and seeing it for yourself in person is a must!

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RHL-install-academy-of-music-01 RHL-install-academy-of-music-02 RHL-install-academy-of-music-03 RHL-install-academy-of-music-04 RHL-install-academy-of-music-05